He knows my name!

My life verse: "I will give you the treasures of darkness And hidden riches of secret places, That you may know that I, the Lord, Who call you by your name, Am the God of Israel." (Isaiah 45:3). For me, "the treasures of darkness" has been the medically-treated depression that I have suffered off and on with for years. More than anything else in my life, I think this has made me realize how much my Savior loves me and has deepened my relationship with God. The "hidden riches of secret places" are my wonderful family and this fabulous craft--tatting! I thank God for both!
I think it is awesome that God knows my name! Did you know that He knows yours?

Friday, January 11, 2019

A New Year--2019!

My last post (months ago) I left you with a mystery package on my porch.  It was from Karey Solomon an the Finger Lakes group!  I was supposed to have taught a class at the 2018 Tat Days, but then the doctors said I couldn't go.  Karey not only sent me a wonderful 20th Anniversary mug, a goodie bag but also the special bag that they give the teachers!   How wonderful, generous and lovely!

I don't even know where to go from here.  I almost didn't tat anything all year--if I tried, I would fall asleep and spend more time undoing the mess I made as I fell asleep than I did putting in correct stitches before falling asleep again.  My health went downhill, and downhill.  I have still not totaled it all up, I quit counting when I reached a total of 40 days in the hospital.

In late May, I had an scope of my esophagus and stomach--because of my lungs this was not done in a surgery center, but in a hospital in a completely stocked/staffed operating room.  I still think that the next 6 days were the result of the sedation medications (although I have never had any problems before), the doctors opinion is that I had a stomach virus....whichever, the result was the same, I did not keep anything down for the next six days.  On day 5, I was told to go to a local lab and get a blood test.  Right after my husband left the next morning I received a call from the doctor's nurse to go to the ER, my potassium levels were extremely - dangerously low ( 2.2 ....  the minimum is 3.5 )  

I was blessed in so many ways--one of them being that I had been a patient often enough that the staff was familiar with me.  I am a "hard stick" and usually cannot keep an IV over 24 hours.  When the nurses in the ER could not get an IV started, the doctor was able to start one using a special light that can see your veins.  When I was transferred out of ER to the respiratory floor, a RN who had been one of my caregivers previously basically "dug his feet in" and refused to start another IV, going over people's heads, demanding that they get someone there to get me a Pic line--they had one in before suppertime! Over the next few days I received over 13 bags of potassium.

  Late the 3rd night, we thought I would be going home the next day because they had given me oral meds all day.  I woke up the afternoon of June 3 (my 35th wedding anniversary!) in ICU!  Apparently around 11p.m. they came around to do vitals.  I am a very light sleeper, and the staff knows that I usually will wake up and stay up for awhile when they take vitals.  I was totally "out" and didn't even move--clue #1.  The 1st time the tech took my blood pressure, she decided that machine's batteries must needed charging and went and got a different machine...no, the first machine was working....clue #2 my blood pressure was 41/30 !! I was totally unaware when they transferred me--apparently with my bed almost standing me on my head trying to keep up my blood pressure up....   My poor husband is so kind and didn't want to bother anyone that late at night--was alone in the ICU waiting room for a long time.  They had several crisis patients at the time--plus me, and were not allowing visitors.  He sat waiting to hear them call a code on me.  He sent out a few texts hoping not to wake anyone.  My sister (it was totally a God-thing!--she never hears her phone at night!) heard her phone ding, and came to the hospital-sending her husband to get my parents.  My husband had talked to our youngest son.   He does not drive, and my husband apologizing would not leave the hospital to go get him.  Travis, stressed out, stepped out of his apartment to smoke a cigarette.  There was a tenant also out on the fire escape that Travis had never met, who immediately offered to bring him to the hospital.   My oldest son, arrived soon as well.   My husband (has been pastor at First Baptist Church in Braggs for 21 years) at daybreak called one of the church members.  The church met for Sunday School, had a short Scripture reading and prayer, and then almost all of them came to the hospital.  

I was in ICU for three days, it is a very hazy memory.  After a few days back on the respiratory floor, I got transferred less than a mile by ambulance to a long-term care facility (we were told it would just be a few days) so they could monitor my body chemistry which was refusing to stay at nice, average levels (now up to 18 bags of potassium).  The nursing staff there was so great!  However, there was so much that just wasn't right.... after a week I was transferred again by ambulance to a hospital in Tulsa, this time because of five blood clots in my legs!  I call this my private miracle--the next day, an ultrasound of my legs showed no clots!  Someone else, I pray has been told of the "clerical or machine error" and that they are walking around with five blood clots..  Once again, I was blessed with having staff that were half-way familiar with me!  

After a total of 22 days in the three facilities I got to go home!  I spent the summer and fall "recuperating."  I was not allowed out in public or to have visitors (unless completely healthy--not even a sniffle)  because of my poor immune system until August.  Then I was allowed to attend church, but was encouraged to stay out of crowds.

I missed teaching at Tatting Corner's Tat Days.  Two ladies, Shawna Wachs and Tamie Alliss taught for me!   I will try to post my little "Twisted Hearts" ornament design here in a day or two.   I am praying I get to attend this summer.  The doctors have already said no to Finger Lakes--it is too long a drive. 

I did get to attend the Lacemakers Guild of Oklahoma's Lace Embrace the first weekend in October.  I had such a blast!!  Next year is our 25th year.  If you would like to see a "wrap=up" article about last year's Lace Embrace 2018 CLICK HERE

One of the neatest things that happened was my GI dr. referred me to a nutritionist.  She ran a very expensive (not covered by my insurance) blood test that showed food sensitivities.  I am not allergic to these foods (I don't break out in hives, or stop breathing) however, my body does form inflammation when I eat these foods, which causes pain.  I started out eating foods that I did not have a reaction to.... then she has added foods gradually.  I still have about 25 things that I cannot have (the main three are soy, wheat and corn) but am hopeful that someday I may....   Avoiding these foods has certainly been worth it -- less pain, I feel a lot better, and I have lost 35 pounds since August.  (I still have a long ways to go...but this has been a great start.)  Since August, I have felt a little stronger, a little better every week....until I came down with strep throat right before Christmas.  I feel like I slid backwards on the progress scale a month or two.  On New Years Day I got diagnosed with bronchitis and probable early pneumonia (my lungs are so scarred that they cannot see a pneumonia unless it is very bad.)  

Anyway--this is a new year and I am praying a new me.  I want to get healthy and get back to getting to going and doing.... Psalm 90:12 says "So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom."  I learned this summer that my time here on earth needs to be used wisely...not wasted!"

This is the only tatting that I finished this year.  This is the "Coquille" doily designed by Jon Yusoff.  It is a very easy, lovely pattern which is available free on her blog.  In the past this might have been a two weeks- maybe a month project.... due to my health this year it took over a year.  It is done in Lizbeth size 20.  The variegated color is #109 Wild Flower.  I did the motifs on the outside in matching colors: #  662 Turquoise Light, #683  Leaf Green Light and #621 Dusty Rose Light.  I made it for a young man that I think of very highly.  He was a former computer student of my husbands, after college he worked on the IT staff at Hilldale High School, where my husband used to teach, later becoming the Tech Director for the Hilldale School district.  A few years later, he became the Tech Director for the entire Muskogee Public School System....and since my husband moved from teaching at Hilldale for 32 years to Muskogee--his former student is now his boss!  Eric and his longtime girlfriend, Lisa (tech director for another school district) slipped away one morning last fall and got married ( followed by one of those beautiful destination weddings on a cruise this summer!).  Anyway....it was started the day the couple “eloped.” They just got it as an anniversary present!

Check it out!  Lisa at Tatting Corner is already has the days listed for this summer's Tat Days 2019--July 11-13th.  The theme will be The Wild Life of Tatting! 

Friday, August 31, 2018

Tatting Time at my house!

Well, my wonderful readers (do I deserve readers when my blog is so neglected?)  this is a post that I was working on in late May. Quite a few things have happened since then (which I will hopefully post soon)
Cynthia!  My traveling buddy! 
 In my last post, I discussed not getting to go to Finger Lakes. 😢😢😢   I did get a very special "Tatting Time"!!   Cynthia -- my traveling companion -- who was "robbed" of her Finger Lakes trip when the doctor cancelled my participation -- came to my house and stayed a couple of days.  We had our very own Tat and Chat from morning till late late at night!  It was so much fun!  I am so grateful for her friendship.   

I love the questions when you go to the hospital....One of my favorites is "Have you fallen recently?  Well--I am a KLUTZ...I have been all my life--my nickname in fourth grade was TripIt.  One of the worst fights I ever heard my parents have was my father not wavering from his faith and upbringing saying "Baptists don't dance" and my mother wanting to find a way to teach me where my hands and feet were by having me take dance lessons.  So now, can I add my complete lack of rhythm to my lack of instruction in dance?   Well, I wish I had a video of the fall I took in front of Cynthia the last morning of her visit. I was hurrying into the kitchen and stepped on a plastic lid that had fallen out of the cabinet.  The lid decided to act as poor hoverboard and my body proceeded to skid across the floor.I'm not sure how things can just take seconds in real life, but in my mind I see a series of snapshots taken This one consisted of "oohhhh the arthritic big toes just smashed into the cabinets:  "knees bang into cabinets" "my tailbone just impacted with the floor'  "Wham! Hips hit the floor" "Shoulderblades slam into the tiles next" Then "Bump, bump. bump, bump, bump my head collides (I promise it bounced!) with the floor.  Oh well, so I walk like the rusty tin man for a few days.... So, at the end of April,  I answer yes to the hospital question and I am admitted with a "High Fall Risk" bracelet in neon yellow (definitely not my color!--I don't have anything to wear that will match it.....   Worse than that, they put the bed rails up -- I am trapped!  For fourteen days, I get to look at hospital walls instead of my home's.  Notice how I slipped my two week hospital stay into our blog conversation?

This time I "did it to myself"...I had a night when I didn't sleep... went to bed at 5a.m.   Around 9:30 I had a reflus attack, and aspirated.  I called my husband to come get me, I thought (incorrectly) that if I got to the ER quick enough they could suction my lungs out....no... they hung the usual antibiotics.  This was followed by different drugs, different doctors, pushing my fluids one day and dehydrating me the next....  My lactic acid levels were too high and they couldn't get them for days....
1)detrimental or deadly   2) 14 days (not my usual 5 ) and I came home with home health checking on me  

I need to have my every other year endoscopy/upper GI.  The dr. refused to do it at the usual surgery center(s) here or in Tulsa, but is doing it in an operating room--fully equiped and fully staffed.  (He said to do less would be insane with my lungs in their condition.  Will they take lab work from this stay in a "sister" hospital for my "pre-op"?  Turns out....yes!  But they are still requiring me to go to Tulsa for a pre-op visit.....argh .

A few Monday's ago, my dear friend Donna--who has so very generously driven me to to Tulsa every other week this year for my muscle release therapy appointments... and I arrived home to an unexpected package on my porch!

This post has been waiting months for pictures to be downloaded from one device to another.... I downloaded these few pictures.  I will try to update you on my "life' and find out about my package when I post next (hopefully soon!)

Thread and notions at Tatting Corner

Friday, April 6, 2018

Lace Embrace 2017 part 3

I had the privilege of teaching a class this last year at Lace Embrace.  I taught my Bohemian Picot Play Bracelet.  This five strand bracelet was designed to teach a different picot technique on each strand.

This is a fun little pattern, very little stress involved--if you can tat a chain, you can make this bracelet!  If at any time, you say...".my brain can't learn anymore today! "   Instead of tatting the next row with a newly learned technique--tat a duplicate of one of the rows that you have already done--you can tat all five rows using the technique taught on the first row!  There are no ends to work in (a
big plus for me!)

I sold kits for the bracelet--they had 4.5 yards of 5 different colors of Lizbeth size 3 threads and some picot gauges made out of plastic needlepoint canvas.  The kits also contained bracelet jewelry findings with split rings attached, floss threaders, safety pins, and coordinating beads.  I never realized how much work putting together a kit for a class took.    To all those teachers, who have sold kits for the classes that I have taken---THANK YOU!  

Cynthia and I should be traveling from Ohio today, headed for the Finger Lakes Tatting Convention in New York tonight.  Should be....because once again I have had to "flake out" on her and leave her with the choice of traveling alone (with no one to split the bills) or not go.  I am sorry Cynthia!!!I also apologize to those who took the Bohemian Picot Play Bracelet class at Finger Lakes.  I hope you were transferred into another class that you will enjoy.

My dr. this time when I asked about the trip said (exact wording) "I think it would be detrimental to your health, if not deadly."  That deadly got my attention.  It has made me re-evaluate a lot of things in my life.

I am supposed to teach my Twisted Heart Ornament for Tatting Corner' "Been There Done That" special weekend this July.  For more information about this exciting Tatting Corner event CLICK HERE   I am looking forward to that trip immensely).  a) a few more months to get healthier b) warmer weather  c) the trip will not be as far  d) My husband is taking me and will know when to get me medical attention (I tend to not realize how bad I've gotten until it is too late.)

 Back to the Bohemian Picot Play Bracelet!   CLICK HERE

Here are pictures of the bracelet.....I could not get the pattern and pictures to transfer onto my blog--but the download button above works.

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Lace Embrace 2017 part 2

My poor neglected blog!  I am almost embarrassed to post anything, it has been so long.  All my reasons, only sound like excuses....  I have---in the last 20 months, spent 36 days in the hospital, almost all for pneumonia.  My lungs, and heart have suffered because of it.  Instead of sitting at my craft table, with the computer in the corner where I can be online as I work--most days now are spent in the living room in the recliner where I can have my legs up almost as high as they are supposed to be.  My sleeping disorder, I think is worse--it seems I spend more time taking out the tatting that I was doing as I went to sleep--that I apparently tatted some on as I slept (never correctly!) than I do correctly tatting.  End of reasons and excuses.

Let me finish with the October (yikes!) Lace Embrace event.  I just love this event.  We work all year long in preparation for this.  We don't charge any admission, give free goodie bags, have vendors, contests, demos and classes and provide a $5 lunch for those who do not want to leave the event location for lunch.

I love goodie bags--don't you?  You get something for free!  What is inside is usually a surprise!  Yours may not be exactly like your neighbors!  This year, we had bags printed.  These were those lovely parachute fabric light backpack type bags.  They kept everything together so nicely!

How do you like the Snowman and Gingerbread painted breadclips on the right?   OK--here is a larger view (just because you asked for it! & because they were my project!)

After begging everyone I knew to save bread clips for me--I bought some acrylic paint and PAINTED!  I've said for years that I could follow a pattern, but could not create on my own....this was a lot of fun as I tried out different faces on these little bits of nothing.  I hope people have fun winding thread bits on them, or using them as a small shuttle.  Those four bobbins of thread are very similar to what I was taught was "buttonhole twist"--a very strong thread for making your handmade buttonholes.
  "Winter themed" patterns for all different types of lacemaking  as well as the patterns for any classes that were offered were included.

A real treasure (to me) are the OLD magazines!  Oh, I wish Workbasket was still in print--I loved it!   I do not crochet, but there are ladies at my church who appreciate when I share my goodie bag treasures with them.  (Plus, one of the old crochet magazines has at least one tatting pattern in them.)  The old magazines are the only really "snarky" comment that I have ever heard about Lace Embrace.  Years ago, someone wrote that our goodie bags were full  of things available at any garage sale.  (boohoo---somebody was having a bad day!)  :)  
Of course--you need a winter themed pencil or pen and notepad (I love the little 3 inch snowflake ruler--it is flexible--which makes it very handy at times!)
Let's discuss the picture on the right.  Sew Uptown was a new shop in Bartlesville OK.  This was their first year to be a vendor at Lace Embrace.  They donated enough needle books for all of our goodie bags!  Wasn't that sweet!  The tatting group that meets at Kingfisher OK made enough beaded zipper pulls for our goodie bags!  Several ladies from the our guild made the bobbin lace icicles!  Why the thimbles?  Every year we have a short presentation.  Over the past few years, we have had butterflies, pincushions, needles and this year we had a lovely talk about thimbles.  There is a lot I did not know about thimbles! 

Now over to the picture on the left.  I don't know who crocheted the snowflake coasters, but I do know that Sue folded all the origami blue little tied-with-ribbon things--and filled them all with delicious chocolate!  I just realized that I have double of everything in my photos--my husband also got a goodie bag!

Many shared their thimble collections for our "viewing pleasure."   

Bruce (on the right) our 2017 guild president sits with the theme contest entries and explains how to vote for your favorite. 

One of the civic organizations in Bartlesville had a contest, where they auctioned off wreaths.  This was our guild entry, which was on display for the day.  It brought a nice hefty sum the night of the auction!

On the right are Donna Rose and Dorothy.  They have their bobbin lace pillows set up, ready to demonstrate for anyone interested in learning that craft.

 Almost all day long, we have drawings for our raffle prizes.  Tickets are a quarter, and I have a strategy.  I look into the paper bag that where people drop their tickets.  Since I don't really care what I win--I just want to win something--I put my tickets in bags where there are very few tickets.  (Let's face it, if there was something I really, really wanted to win....I could put $100 worth of tickets in there and it would be won by someone else!)  This year, I won several times--each time lovely seed beads!!

I must show you my purchases!  I love having vendors at Lace Embrace!!!   More lovely silk thread (I talked about this in my last post) and English hackles from Kathy Kirchner's booth.  Plus my "trove of treasures" from Tatting Corner.  I have wanted Julie Patterson's books for so long!  Lisa at Tatting Corner is the only US distributor of them! http://www.tattingcorner.com/books-videos-1/index-6.html/?referrer=CNWR_30711492117529 I was able to get some more of that lovely "Penny 20" polyester thread and more clover bobbin shuttles (I think I'm actually beginning to "enjoy" those--not just "learning to like".)

Just a few more pictures..... My lace display.  The snowflake tree was a result of my sinus surgery several years ago.  By the time I had recuperated, there were 103 snowflakes on the tree.  There were no two of the same design.  One of the more interesting things (I think) on my display board was a small corner where I showed my "failures" and struggles.  I think that people need to know that everything doesn't come out perfect right away!

In the next post, I will post the pattern for the Bohemian Picot Play Bracelet that I taught at Lace Embrace 2017.  Would you like to read the Lacemaker's Guild of Oklahoma "Wrap-Up Newsletter" for Lace Embrace 2017?  Follow this link!   "Wrap - Up Newsletter!"


 A look at the crowd....well sort of?



 Last thing for this post---is my little commercial! 

Friday, November 24, 2017

Lace Embrace 2017 part 1

I look forward to the Lacemaker's Guild of Oklahoma's Lace Embrace Day every year.  All year guild members plan different things to put into goodie bags.  We also try to plan interesting classes, contests and displays. There are always demonstrations of lace-making (which turn into a first lesson if the watcher is interested.)    There is also the added pleasure my husband's attention far enough away from his many responsibilities that he is "mine" for about 36 hours.  There is no housework to do, no laundry or dishes.  I always enjoy hotel rooms--they are so free of clutter (until I move in - haha!  I had a friend at Camp Good News who said that she always knew which bunk was mine, because I brought so much stuff....however, when they needed something, I always had it!)

There are trials in life, which remind you how blessed you are to have particular people in your life.....a) My husband tripped on Sept 9 at the farm, falling into a gulley where we have dispose of broken concrete and other stuff we needed to "make go away."  He landed on his right (had to be his dominate hand) wrist and broke both bones and crushed the little wrist bones all out of place.  He basically lived on pain killers for a week, then had surgery where they installed a steel plate and 8 screws.  Over two months later, this man who handles pain really, really well (he walked on a broken leg for 3 days once) is still hurting on a daily and nightly basis.  The dr. says this may very well be permanent.  b) My 82 year old father came down with appendicitis on 10/7,  the day after Lace Embrace.  (Very unusual, the dr. said if you have had your appendix that long, that you usually keep it.)  Because he was on plavix (sp?) and blood thinners, they had to build his blood up with plasma and platelets before he could have surgery.  By the time he wouldn't bleed to death during surgery, the appendix perforated.  Already having very serious heart problems, his heart rate decided to beat around 200 times a minute.  So we started a very complicated game, fix the heart rate and the blood pressure would drop.  Fix the blood pressure and the heart rate went up.  After a few hours, we started fighting infections as well.  The father I know, has always been very aware of who he was, where he was and what he was doing.  Well, EVERY night in the hospital, he had hallucinations.  They put him on sleeping pills, anxiety drugs, depression drugs....it only seemed to get worse.  I would have hated to be member of the medical staff the night he dreamed the his nurse was trying to kill him.  His room changed often, medical/surgical floor, step-down from ICU, ICU, Step-down from ICU, in=house rehab.... It was such a relief when on 10/31, he was able to come home--where he had no hallucinations.   He still received IV antibiotics from a home healthcare nurse for a week, and therapy sessions will continue for quite awhile strengthening his respiratory system, endurance and balance issues. (More information than you ever wanted to know!) Anyway--lots of things to occupy my head and time.  I have stayed out of the hospital.  That doesn't mean I have been healthy, the bad days still outnumber the good days.  But the good days seem to be slowly increasing.

Crazy...I "tried out" doing my very short nails with a lace theme a month before Lace Embrace.  I painted them a lovely burgundy color and then stenciled a doily pattern on them in gold.  They were so pretty!
I was so busy the week  of the event, that I had bare nails

This was a very different year for me--a)  I taught the tatting class  b) My husband and I ran a table for Tatting Corner selling the things that they uniquely carry. The event was waaaayyy back the first weekend in October.and I haven't posted anything here since August...  but I do want to put down my thoughts and memories about Lace Embrace....

Friday night of Lace Embrace, we had a hard time getting out the door...   It was one of those "if it could go wrong, it did" things.  We finally left home, about the time we had hoped to be finished getting the Tatting Corner merchandised displayed, as well as putting out my personal tatting display.  My husband was also acting as IT person, fixing power point projectors,, etc.   We eventually made it to Bartlesville (a two hour drive from home), where the event is held, checked into our hotel and after visiting a very nice member of their local constabulary about a mechanical malfunction with our vehicle (one of our headlights needed a new bulb) we met Paula and her husband for dinner.

 I enjoyed our room at the hotel.  I was able to (now calmly) unpack and repack so that I only needed (what felt like) a couple dozen totebags and boxes the next morning.
I  am so very blessed to have such lovely tatting friends.  Seeing them and spending time with some of them is one of the many reasons why I look forward to Lace Embrace each year.  I was so surprised when I received gifts this year!  I hadn't been putting up my display very long when Paula (chair of the Lace Embrace committee) came up and gave me this gorgeous antique turtle pin cushion.  l  He looks so adorable holding some of my turtle stick pins!

Brigitte was next--(last year she brought me a pair of tatted turtle earrings!)  First she gave me two jars of her handmade cherry preserves.  (She remembered I liked it from the "weekend at Sonya's' a year ago!  Isn't that awesome!?!  I can't tell you what we ate a year ago!)  Then --ooooh   sooooo cooool!! She gave me the cutest little pair of beaded turtles!!  I wore them again yesterday and they were quite the topic of conversation around the table for awhile.  Brigitte was one of my first Lace Embrace friends...years ago, she volunteered to be my partner during a tatting olympics event at my first Lace Embrace.  She has a wonderful blog--it has been neglected but she has some wonderful entries http://tattingandbeading.blogspot.com/

 My dear husband surprised me, by buying a book missing from my library.  It was one of the few remaining things on Sue Groh's table.  Sue had the shop "Unique Expressions" and is retiring.  I will miss her.  She was the first tatting retailer that I ever had "talked to in person" if you know what I mean.

I want to talk about goodie bags, demos, classes, etc in the next post....   Here is an article that I put into our guild's newsletter.
This shows my first experience tatting with hand-dyed silk (actually silk thread of any kind).  PROS:  I love the crisp but soft ( like petting fur) rings this thread made.  The soft transitions from color to color are lovely.  CONS:  I did have trouble keeping the thread’s twist.  I also had trouble getting large rings to close.  I bought this 5 yd skein of beautiful thread from Kathy Kirchner at Lace Embrace.  I will have to see if she has more or this will be a permanent UFO!*  The pattern came from ( Lace Embrace purchase ) “ Just Marking Tome” a book by Julie Patterson.  I have wanted this book for several years but the shipping costs from Australia kept the book out of my budget.  After expressing my frustration to Lisa at Tatting Corner, she arranged to have exclusive rights to sell three of Julie Patterson’s books in the United States.  This particular pattern is almost all split rings!  http://www.tattingcorner.com/search/results.html?search_in_description=1&keyword=patterson&referrer=CNWR_30711492117529

*I "talked" to Kathy via email.  The company that provided this silk thread is no longer in business/  I have a UFO that isn't totally because I am a great procrastinator!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

The Cobbs are in the News!

My husband interned at  Hilldale High School in Muskogee the year the first graduating class walked across the stage.  He started in the Math Department.  His sister, who taught computers (Nine Commodore Pets--remember?) took a sabbatical one year....his principal called him with the interesting question..."Do you want to volunteer to take over the Computer Department, or shall assign it to you?"  32 years later, there were 500 computers in the high school and the next year would have brought a grand-child of one of his students into his classroom.  I really thought part of his bloodstream contained mortar from the Hilldale buildings....but 

          A man's heart deviseth his way: but the Lord directeth his steps.  Proverbs 16:9

Three years ago, my husband left Hilldale, to teach computers and become IT Director for Muskogee High School.  He has 750 computers and 1600 laptops in eleven buildings that he has to co-ordinate to keep operating.  He teaches a few Microsoft office classes, but his "pride and joy" are his computer repair classes.  He has a three-year program--and his students that finish it receive a certificate from the state of Oklahoma that says that they are a Computer Technician with two years of experience.  They also can take several nationally known computer and business knowledge tests while a student--most at the program's expense.  Recently a reporter came out and  did an article about his programs.


While she was interviewing my husband, I was in the next room tatting.  I became the source of her next article.


I expected a one column article with a picture...a) it was in the Sunday paper b) it was a full page article c) online they posted a video of me tatting and d) the article was also posted on facebook with a few pictures that weren't in the paper!

This afternoon, I heard from my fourth grade Sunday School teacher who had seen the article!  I hope that it not only puts me in touch with more people from  my past, but that it also sends some people that are interested in learning how to tat my direction!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Basket for Palmettos

Last year, I was hours away from finishing this basket....it just needed the tatting glued on, but pneumonia got in the way of the basket and the trip to Palmetto Tat Days 2016. 

I contacted Georgia Seitz to ask her about sending my basket--and that started her thinking of "baskets" as the theme for the scholarship auction at Palmetto Tat Days 2017.

I am late as usual in getting things done, but my dear husband has just left for the post office with my basket.  My understanding is that it is going to cost over $18 to mail it!!

I know you will want to send in a bid for my "GET WELL SOON!" basket....SO, let me show you the basket, and the list of its contents.


Hand Wipes



Heating Pad

Teddy Bear

Chicken Noodle Soup

Gel Pens

Pencil Box


Book Light


Puzzle Book

Colored Pencils


Coloring Book

Metallic Pens

Dry Shampoo

Ice Pack

Thank You Notes

I encourage you to support the Palmetto Scholarship Auction!!  You can win really neat stuff--
and the money goes to a great cause!