He knows my name!

My life verse: "I will give you the treasures of darkness And hidden riches of secret places, That you may know that I, the Lord, Who call you by your name, Am the God of Israel." (Isaiah 45:3). For me, "the treasures of darkness" has been the medically-treated depression that I have suffered off and on with for years. More than anything else in my life, I think this has made me realize how much my Savior loves me and has deepened my relationship with God. The "hidden riches of secret places" are my wonderful family and this fabulous craft--tatting! I thank God for both!
I think it is awesome that God knows my name! Did you know that He knows yours?

Monday, December 14, 2015

I did something weird with my blog....

I was putting labels on my posts and somehow republished two old posts....I can't get my new post from Dec. 13th to come to the top/front--but it is the third post after this one....SORRY!

Part 2 Finger Lakes 2015

 It is impossible for me to even think of the Finger Lakes Tatting Conference(s) without thinking of Karey Solomon!  Karey generously invites everyone to her shop (Graceful Arts Fiber Studio) on Friday afternoon before the conference--and has tea and soup available for the weary travelers!  It seems like at the conference, she is everywhere, doing everything -- organizing, teaching, being a vendor...  Karey went "above and beyond" for me personally this year--because of my recent diagnosis of fibromyalgia (and my many other health problems) I was eating a very restrictive diet (now it is only "restrictive" haha!).  On top of all the other things she had to do for the conference--Karey, personally fixed me individual meals so that I would have something that I could eat each meal!  It was so nice and comforting knowing that I was not going to eat something that would cause problems for me so far from home!  Once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!  The beginning months were rough this year for Karey personally, and I really pray her days are "easier" now.

One of the lovely things I always look forward to at the Finger Lakes Tatting Conference is the "Goodie Bag" you receive at registration!  This year the "bag" was a lovely lined quilted fabric sack-type bag. (I requested a purple one and they looked through the box and found me one!)  Once home, I placed a small round plastic container in my quilted bag so that it "stands by itself" and it is on my craft table being used as my pen, pencil and scissors holder--CUTE!!  Inside the quilted sack was a small zippered purple bag just the right size to stick in  your purse to hold your latest tatting project.   A LOVELY tatted bookmark (someone went to A LOT of work!!) Then there was a little plastic container that held: some small ponytail bands (great for keeping loose threads contained on your bobbins), some hair barrettes (very useful for keeping spools of thread from coming unwound), some beads, and some safety pins (an unusual shape--a friend showed me these last year and it was very nice to receive them in the goodie bag!).  Also in the container--and in keeping with the LAKE, SEA AND SHORE theme--we got some "shark teeth" and small flip flops.  Last of all--there was our challenge item for next year....an adorable white stuffed teddy bear!--The theme next year:  The Teddy Bear's Picnic!  (Now, what shall I do with my "challenge item"?)

The tables were decorated with lovely dishes of seashells and hanging sail boats.  I understand the sail boats were tatted by their designer,  Diane Daiker.  These hanging "ornaments" and accompaniments were a fantastic reminder of the theme of the conference and were certainly an inspiring to me personally -- not only because of the quantity of the tatted items and the perseverance it must have taken to make all of them, but also the challenge to be able to excel in my craft so that I can create not only for myself, but for others.

 Thank you for continuing to follow my blog!  Posting to my blog has not been forgotten, just "put on the back burner!  Since my last post, I spent two weeks at Christian Youth in Action training.  Last year there were no Level 2 students--so I had no Level 3 students this year.  Instead I was the girl's dorm supervisor. (the worst discipline problems I had were girls who didn't have their teeth brushed yet when it was lights out!)  My sweet husband was the cook for CYIA training--cooking 3 meals a day + a snack for 40 hungry teens and adults every day.  Even though he only left the kitchen to take out the trash, somehow he acquired three hitchhikers during the two weeks.  Ticks--they were everywhere!  Ten days later, during our church's Vacation Bible School (where I teach all the Bible lessons), he got very sick--blood tests showed Rocky Mountain Spotted (Tick) Fever. While he has been recuperating, my fibromyalgia has been flaring.  I would love to figure out what has triggered this flare--I have been waking up feeling like the "tin man" -- rusted in every joint, and the oil can is empty!  I love the verse, Psalm 73:26 "My flesh and my heart fail; But God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever."(NKJV)  My earthly problems are temporary--God loves me, takes care of me and provides for me.  LIFE IS GOOD!!
Next Post - Coming Soon!  Projects from my classes at Finger Lakes 2015....

Tatted Turtle from Brigette

I was blessed to get to go to the Palmetto Tatting Conference in 2011.  I bought a blue chambray (my husband says very light denim) shirt that I proudly wear with the Palmetto's logo on it because I was so cold one day.  I have proudly worn it and it has started many conversations about tatting, even if I don't have my shuttles out.

Did you know you can join the Palmetto Tatting Guild by sending them a tatted butterfly each year? 

In January of 2012, the online tatting class led by Georgia Seitz did this Emmy Liebert edging.  The thread is Lizbeth 20, color 133-Razzle Dazzle.  (I talked about this in the post dated Jan. 19, 2012.)  I applied this edging to both cuffs of the shirt.

Later, I added this Quatrain edging by the tatter known as Frivole.  The pattern is available here http://leblogdefrivole.blogspot.com/p/patterns.html   It was tatted in Lizbeth 20, color 111-Cotton Candy.  I applied 21 inches of this edging to the seam on the back yoke of the shirt.

I met Brigette (blog: tattingandbeading.blogspot.com ) when I got to attend an Oklahoma Shuttle Bugs meeting in 2010.  She is a lovely lady, inside and out.  She is also a fantastic tatter!!  I've gotten to spend a little more time with her over the years.  For the next two years at the Lacemakers Guild of Oklahoma's big lace day--Lace Embrace, Brigette and I teamed up for the tatting olympics in synchronized tatting--we came in second both years!  After sharing a hotel room with Brigette for a tatting workshop, she made me this absolutely adorable turtle (I collect turtles.)

It took forever, with my hand inside the shirt pocket, but I got it sewed on.  When I sew something--and I sew everything down every picot, every join, and usually I put a stitch in every 3 to 5 stitches.  It usually takes longer to applique my tatting than it did to tat it in the first place.

Brigitte shared the pattern with me, and I've tracked down the designer of the pattern, Gail Owens.  Gail has given me permission to for me to post the pattern here on my blog.  If you would like a printable pdf of the pattern CLICK HERE

Brigitte's button turtle started it all!  This summer, I got a "bee in my bonnet" to make some other motifs with buttons and put on the shirt.  Over the next few posts, I'd like to show them to you--now that I have them sewn on.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Tatting Day, New Shuttles, Giveaway...

I cannot explain what October 24th meant to me this year!!  Sonya--my dear
friend from Edmond, OK, had planned a tatting event at her house a couple of months earlier, but--I got sick, another tatter had a death in the family...things just didn't work out.  But late in the evening on October 23rd, my "closest-in-distance" tatting friend--Emma picked me up and we headed for Sonya's!  That evening we sat around and chatted and made the necessary Walmart run.  The next morning, Cynthia (my travel-buddy to Finger Lakes and Palmetto's), Irene and Brigitte (made the turtle on my shirt) arrived there at Sonya's.  Everyone had brought the most delicious goodies to eat!!  We sat around and tatted and talked and ate all day long!  We shared patterns, and talked about which pattern books and designers we liked.  Irene and Brigitte shared memories of the late Judi Banashek.  Judi started the Oklahoma Shuttlebugs which meet in Kingfisher OK (too far a distance for me to travel to meet with them on a regular basis.)  Judi also authored several tatting books. Irene (who is a "master" tatter from the T.A.T. program) sat down and very patiently worked with me on some techniques with which I have been having trouble.  She also shared wonderful recollections of Camp Wanna Tat.  (Camp Wanna Tat is one of those things I day-dream about!)  I think everyone was surprised and delighted with goodie bags that I was able to put together with donations from several (!!) companies.  Once again my gratitude goes to Jennifer at Tatting Corner and Nancy at Be-Stitched, CTA, Dentek, DMC, Ernie's Pharmacy, Kreinik, Noble County Yarns, The Blessing, TTCU, Coats, Red Lobster, Nordic Needle and Hamlins for helping me "stuff" the goodie bags!  To add to everyone's "stash", Emma had a shuttle, laminating sheets and containers for everyone and  Sonya had made some beautiful cloth covered boxes that we could place our new treasures in!  After fantastic BBQ (my husband fixed it!) for dinner, we packed up and all headed home.  This was such a special day--Sonya (my dear friend) opening her home, learning one-on-one from Irene, spending time with Emma, Cynthia and Brigitte--it was just a dream of a day!  I think it was fate that it turned into a tatting "day" instead of a tatting "weekend"--the next morning--I came down with pneumonia once again.

One of the people I look forward to seeing at tatting events is Monica Braxton.  Her shuttle was chosen for the Tatting Shuttle Addicts commemorative shuttle this year.  When mine came in the mail this fall there was a surprise--on the back of the one with my name--was this adorable turtle!! Thank you Monica--that was such a sweet surprise!  I love the shuttles--they tat marvelously!  Monica's etsy shop (where she sells shuttles and gorgeous hand-dyed thread) is NAGStudio--Needle Arts Goddess Studio.

I was really overwhelmed with the number of people who left comments on my blog for my 100th Post Giveaway--or who emailed me because blogger wasn't letting them leave comments on my blog!  I made a list, gave everyone a number and ran a random number generator.                                                    
The winner was (drumroll please!) Stephanie Wilson.  I have a lovely memory of meeting Stephanie--I was sitting beside her at Palmettos and she looked over and exclaimed, "I recognize that shirt!  I read your blog!"  She was the first person that I have "met in person" because of my blog!  She is lovely--and has the nicest smile!

I finally got her package in the mail on Friday.  There were some bottle cap containers, a reusable ribbon ( a lot of people are getting these from me for Christmas this year) and the promised bracelet that I made for the Finger Lakes Competition.  then, I
really hope she likes purple!  If not she has a lot of purple things to put in her next tatting exchange with someone!  This is what I finally settled on putting in my giveaway--Except for the Workbaskets, the books were all duplicates of mine (Georgia autographed hers for my giveaway.)  The Workbaskets were my Grandmother's and are the old "booklet" kind-and are all Volume 11.  

Most of the stuff in the picture at the left, people will recognize, except maybe the glass nail file and cover in the middle bottom.  I was given one by a friend during the summer--and LOVE them.  Did you know you can file your nails in both directions with one?  (You aren't supposed to do that with regular emery boards or files, and I always catch myself doing it!)  They also file so, so smoothly...and just little bits at a time.  Okay not tatting related but "girl-talk."  

 This is all stuff that I made.  The cloth things from left to right....a tatting bag, a coaster and a small bag to put in the big bag.  The small bag was sort of an experiment--I'm not sure quite what I like or dislike about it (maybe Stephanie will give me some feedback!)  The beaded things from top to bottom are a needle threader, a striver, a frogger and a scissor fob.  She also got a pretty pair of scissors with a purple cover that didn't make it into the picture.   

 Remember the felt Christmas tree in the last post?  This is what I made from the scraps--a Mom's "keep in you purse and take out when the kids are about to drive everyone crazy" game.  A very old idea with hopefully a new twist.  The fish of course have tiny magnets in them.  The Altoids containers have a double layer of felt covering the bottom and sides to help prevent the magnets sticking to them.  The magnet on on the fishing pole is a magnet for putting on a necklace (I don't know where I read that idea--but it is a great one!).  Then here is the "twist"--These are my directions.  Take turns catching as many fish as you can.  When all the fish are caught--roll the dice and find out who is the BEST FISHERMAN!  1.  Who caught the MOST fish.  2.  Put all the fish head to tail and find out who has the LONGEST LINE of fish.  3.  Who caught the RED fish?  4.  Who caught the most PURPLE fish?  5.  Who caught the LARGEST fish?  6.  Who caught the SMALLEST fish?  (I should have labeled #2--the BIGGEST FISH STORY....)

Hopefully I can continue my review of 2015 Palmetto Tat Days in the next post.

Monday, December 7, 2015

I think I AM BACK!

Well folks--I hope I!  It has now been 8 days that I haven't been on antibiotics!  The record was 5 since Aug. 20th before this past week!  I hope all of that is in the past and I can get back to feeling as good as my fibromyalgia and migraines will allow!  Now to slowly attack my house (it is a wreck) and my "To Do" list (a contender for the Guiness Book of World records).  I have an inhaler for when my breathing gets "tight" and must remember to put my legs up, not only several hours a day, but whenever I possibly can.

My downstairs personal laptop (which was crashing) has been replaced with my upstairs (Classes and graphics--games, visualized Bible verses and songs--take to the office) laptop.  This would have been easy to do--just download all the files from laptop A onto laptop B--except for example:  the class notes for one of my classes at CYIA.  I have updated and changed the notes from the original outline on both computers.  I had to go in and combine the changes into one new document.  Or, the document on Computer B was
actually newer than the same document on Computer A and downloading A's files would have wiped out the changes on Computer B. So I had to look at the date on every single file on both computers (there were thousands), downloading each file or piece of a file, individually if it needed downloaded..

 My tatting has been mostly working on the Christmas ornaments that I hope to have ready by Dec. 25th for each of my children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews.  This has gone very slowly this year, simply because I haven't felt physically well enough to tat a whole lot.  I may be pushing myself by attempting this and have given myself permission to quit if accomplishing my goal is just not possible.

I don't want to bore those of you who are my Facebook friends....but I thought I would catch everyone else up with my life.

Grant Raphael Cobb was born at 8:38 a.m.on Friday, November 13th, 2015.  He was 10 lb. 2 oz. and  22 inches long.

 This was taken a few days later, when my grandsons got to hold their new brother for the first time.  These older two boys LOVE their new baby brother.  It has been difficult already to keep the two year old out of the crib--he wants so badly to love on "Gant".

On December 3, my husband and I celebrated the anniversary of our first date. My husband fixed a lovely seafood dinner for us, and brought me beautiful flowers (He loves roses, and when we were first dating, often brought me a dozen--it took real effort to convince him that I really preferred the cheaper option of daisies!)  I've always thought our first date story was special because it wasn't supposed to be a date.  We had known each other since I was in the ninth grade.  We attended a small junior college and had several classes together.  Over the years we had many, many times "hung out" with the same group of friends and a few times had done things -- just the two of us -- but definitely as friends.  That was what this day, 34 years ago was supposed to have been--a Christmas shopping trip (like one the year before) where he helped me buy "guy" gifts and I helped him pick out some "female" gifts for his mother and sisters.  Somehow during the day the friendship changed to where at the end of the evening, we were planning our second date! Less than a month later, we were engaged.  We were married six months after that.  God has been so good to us!  Looking back it has been a roller coaster ride--and I can't wait to see what God brings into our lives next!

I posted on Facebook this picture of a chair.  Yesterday after our Christmas/Thanksgiving dinner at church, my two-year old grandson placed this chair in front of a wall heater (*we do have gates around the heaters, where children might be--the nursery, fellowship hall, etc... but for an unknown reason the one in this room was missing.).  God's hand of protection was definitely there--no one was injured, and nothing else was damaged.

I was rather proud of my contribution to the Thanksgiving dinner this year.  It was definitely didn't look as good as the one on Pinterest...but I thought my cheese and pepperoni turkey was pretty good!

Keisha, a young mother came over to the house to craft one day.  It was really neat sharing supplies, experiences and some tips with her.  She made a felt tree for her preschoolers and I made this one for my young grandson--as he is not  supposed to touch the real Christmas tree.

I am going to try to gather all the names and draw for my promised 100th post  sometime today--but as I must take things slowly--that might be bumped to another day. 

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Computer Still Down - I'm Not Up

My computer is still in the process of being made usable. My list of names for the drawing ( I had some people contact me outside of my blog) is one of the files I need. I also would like access to my Palmetto Tat Days photos. 

I had an X-ray this week to check that my pneumonia had totally cleared.   Unfortunately, there was so much scar tissue from previous pneumonia bouts that the radiologist couldn't get a clear reading on the current breath stealing attack.  

A visit to my primary physician put me back with my leg up 24/7-- I will confess the last few days I had spent little bursts of energy up trying to put my house-- mainly my craft areas back in order.   Not only was the cellulitis not completely cleared up, but the dr said my lungs did not sound clear at all either.  Bring on round three of antibiotics!

Ido so appreciate all of prayers and thoughts on my behalf.  I hope to soon "GET OFF THESOFA!" And get back to "being myself".

Monday, September 28, 2015

Giveaway & Life as I Know it Postponed

Thank you all so much for reading and commenting on my blog.  I understand some people were having trouble commenting--if you notified me in another way, I have entered you  in my " giveaway," I started this giveaway while recuperating from pneumonia-- which hit hard and I didn't bounce back from as quickly as I have in the past ( I know it takes weeks to get to 100%-- but I'm talking just breathing halfway normally!

This week my laptop decide that it was giving up the ghost. My husband is the IT person for the high school where he teaches computer repair--you know the old story of the cobbler whose kids had no shoes?  Need I say more?  **Actually-- he is working on the machine but between teaching, preaching and helping run the family farm, well there are only 24 hours Ina day.

Today I ended up at urgentcare where the dr confirmed my self-diagnosis of cellulitis in my right leg ( slowly spreading to the left).  I'm under orders to sit/lay with my legs elevated.  Heating pads provide added healing.  I'm taking oral antibiotics on top of the two lovely shots I got.  Tomorrow I have another antibiotic shot to look forward to.  Right now I have a very red, swollen leg that hurts and is extremely sensitive to touch--my understanding is that is good news--what I am told what we are trying to avoid is any break In the skin (whether caused by the swollen skin cracking or by getting a bump or a cut.  Apparently my skin in this condition will not heal like normal and a wound can take months to heal or ( I do hope this is that 1 in a milion thing--fatal).  SO, I have a list of those eligible for my giveaway BUT will not draw names until my computer and I are back on our feet.

Thank you for understanding my " internet friends !!

Monday, September 21, 2015

100/Palmetto Tat Days Part 1

Thank you to my readers!  I started this blog so that I would have a record of my tatting, but I have made many online friends because of it.  Thank you for allowing me to share my life with you!  On a personal note--I came down with pneumonia (third time this year) last weekend.  God is so gracious that I was healthy for my trips this year!  My little drawing will include:  Some duplicate tatting books that I have, a few really old Workbaskets that were my grandmother's, a tatted item, some handmade items, a few tatting tools, maybe some non-tatting items....hopefully a nice collection of things that will brighten your day.

Memories from
Tatting Angels Among Us--13th Annual Tat Days
September 4-5, 2015

Above: Cynthia S.  Erin E. and I were roommates this year

Cynthia and I met back in 2010, when she advertised that she was going to the Finger Lakes Tatting Conference--and "Would anyone like to share expenses and ride with her, she was traveling from Oklahoma to New York?" I emailed her and found out that she lives about two and a half hours away from me.  I took her up on her offer, not knowing anything about her except that I had seen her name on the "tatting" internet for quite awhile.  (She teaches the beginners online tatting class and is a monitor for the group "newshuttlesandneedles@yahoogroups.com").    My thought was, "After all, she had to be safe because tatters were not ax murderers!"  So in April, I jumped in the car of someone I had officially met 5 minutes before and headed off to New York.  (Since then, someone has asked on one of the tatting sites, "I'm teaching tatting in a prison--does anyone have any suggestions for tools I can take into the prison with me?"--So warning!  Ax murderers might just be tatters!) 

Cynthia is one of the most outgoing and generous people I know.  We are extremely alike in so many ways...and extremely different in just as many ways.  I think we really enjoy and look forward to the other's company for the small amounts we see each other scattered throughout the year.  Along with short assorted visits during the years, we have now traveled to Finger Lakes each successive year, as well as to Georgia for Tat days this year, as well as in 2011.  I am already ready for our next adventure!

Cynthia also met Erin online, and asked me about Erin rooming with us.  "The more tatters the merrier!", in my opinion!  Erin was an enthusiastic,  fairly new tatter who was attending her first conference.  I hope she had as good a time as I had this year!

After an almost brutal (long hours in the car with a very few, short breaks) car trip, Cynthia and I arrived at the Georgia Baptist Conference center.  I think we were the last to arrive on Thursday night.  We missed Thursday night dinner, for which we had reservations.  More than that, we missed the additional little Thursday night class that we had been looking forward to attending.  We received our goodie bags (NICE tote bags!!) and moved everything into our room.  Then we went downstairs for a little fellowship with the few tatters who were lingering around.
Later that night, we went through our goodie bag--1) an awesome tote bag--nice fabric, pencil pocket, big front pocket, side pocket for water bottle, and good zipper. Going around like a clock--at 12:00 is a blue tape measure, and one of my little containers made out of pop bottle caps.  At 1:30 was a "Bell Angel Kit" by Vicki Clarke.  At 4:30 was a red plastic container that held post-it notes, paper clips and rubber bands and a little star shape ("What was the star about?" I wondered.  Well the theme for next year is "Tatting is Out of This World").  6:00 is a Handy Hands thread sample. 7:30 was a little purple net bag with a tatted angel with a purple crystal in the middle.  The tiny bag held peppermints and a square of dark chocolate.  At 11:00 were two ink pens and right below the 12:00 items was a tiny little bag with a a small card which read "From the last best place--HOPE" along with the cutest little tatted angel.

These ladies have it together!!  You ought to see the way things are organized, it is a true class act.  Along with the goodie bag, you receive a a folder and a name tag.  The name tag has your name on the front, as well as your city and state.  There are little colored blocks across the bottom of the tag that show which meals you have paid for.  On the back of the name tag is the schedule for the weekend. On the outside of the folder is YOUR class schedule (class, time and room)  Inside the pockets of the folder are all the patterns that you need for your particular classes.  Paper-clipped to the notebook were all the tickets that you needed.  (If you bought a kit for a class, there was a ticket that you took to vending, where they handed you your reserved kit.  Each person got tickets to vote on the tatting items that were brought to exhibit--there was "Best of Show", "Best Theme" and Most Creative -- these you wrote the number of the exhibited item on the back and dropped them in the voting box.  Each person also got one free ticket to put into the drawing for some of the items donated for the scholarship fund.)  We also had a tag paper-clipped to the notebook, I didn't discover until later that this was to put on our tote bag to identify it from all of the other lovely green tatting tote bags!

The last thing in the bag was the official "book" for Tat Days 2015.  This 48 page, 5x8 inch book is a "mini-guidebook" to Tat Days.  It includes bios of each teacher, a list of the teacher assistants for each class,
a schedule, and list of participants and their contact information.  There was a nice section that covered the rules for the Silent Auction and how to vote on the items that people had brought for the Tatting Display.  There were acknowledgments for everyone who helped make Tat Days a success (THANK YOU!!!)  Touching my heart, was a lovely tribute to three great tatters who have died in the past year and the impact they made on our craft---Bobbie Demmer, Terry McGuffin and Judi Banashek.  I never met any of them, but have benefited from the generous sharing of their knowledge and skill.  A lot of work went into this book!

About midnight I climbed into bed...ready for a few hours sleep--Early Bird class at 6a.m!  Join me for Friday at Tat Days 2015 in my next post!

Monday, September 14, 2015

Reusable Ribbon Tutorial

Not quite tatting related but...

Many years ago there was a show on TV called “THE HOME SHOW.”  They had great craft ideas!  I saw this “Reusable Ribbon Bow” on that show.  I made many, many of these bows out of adding machine tape for big, beautiful, bows to put on the end of church pews for several weddings.  Later I made quite a few of these to use on packages within our family. 
Recently in a conversation with a friend, I remembered these bows and promised to show her one.  Wouldn’t you know it!! I could not find a single one of them!  (I think “the Borrowers must have taken them—anyone remember those books?)  Well, I sat down and “tinkered” with some ribbon and came up with a workable ribbon bow….now time to replenish my supply!  To get a printable pdf of this tutorial CLICK HERE

Reusable Ribbon—Tutorial
By Patricia Cobb

10 feet of cloth ribbon ¾ inch wide (I bought a 5 yard roll for $3.99 at Hobby Lobby)
Stapler and staples
Fishing Line or strong cord
2 pieces of Cardboard (or something similar) for both ends of fishing line.


1.  Fraycheck the ends of your ribbon.  Fold the cloth ribbon in half.  “Anchor” one end of the fishing line with a small piece of cardboard.  (I wrapped mine several times around a (¾ x ¼ inch) piece of cardboard, and then stapled it. 


2.  Staple this piece of cardboard inside the ribbon (staple is parallel to the fold)   ¾ of an inch from the fold.

3.  Place the remaining staples – alternating diagonal directions… (   /   ,   \   ,   /   ,   \   and so on…   ).  Make sure you catch the fishing line inside each of the staples!

4.  Place 2 staples 2 inches apart.

5.  Place 4 staples 3 inches apart.

6.  Place 4 staples 4 inches apart.


7.  Place 4 staples 5 inches apart.

8.  Anchor the last end of the fishing line on a piece of cardboard large enough that you can wind the fishing line up on it.

Pull the thread taught, a few “staple widths” at a time.  

Start near the beginning

Work your way towards the middle
Work all the way to the end

When the ribbon is formed, wind fishing line up on cardboard.  Tape piece of loose end “anchor” cardboard onto package.

Remove from package.  Remove tape.  Unwind thread and pull ribbon out flat.  The ribbon may be stored folded or flat.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Coasters for a Hostess Gift

I thoroughly enjoyed the Palmetto Tat Days!!  Cynthia S. and I traveled together to Georgia from Oklahoma and then back again, talking and laughing all the way!  Now--to finish all the class projects!!

Years ago, I made a coaster out of a micro-fiber cleaning cloth from Dollar Tree.  It was a project from one of the Finger Lakes Tatting Conferences (see post from April 24, 2011).  You should see it now!  The cloth has excelled at soaking up various liquids off of the glasses that have sat on it (as well as the occasional spill)!  Although it gets washed on a fairly regular basis....it will, I'm afraid, never be white again--but is a discouraging shade of beige.  The lovely edging, which was once the beautiful vibrant colors of a HDT--is now faded to a splotchy pastel.  However, it's bedraggled look--it is my favorite coaster, and has a permanent place on my craft table.

all small
all large

I decided to make a set of coasters for my aunt, once again using the Dollar Tree micro-fiber cleaning cloths.  Aunt Dorothy has always encouraged me in my tatting, and is one of my most grateful recipients when I give tatting as a gift.  She helped Cynthia S. and me cut down on our travel expenses to the Palmetto Tat Days this year, by allowing us to stay with her at her retirement facility in Arkansas for a night (both coming and going.)  These were a "thank you gift" in appreciation of her hospitality.

all variegated
all solid
I thought I would "cut corners" by using the coaster pattern from the Handy Hands catalog.  If you notice, this year's coaster pattern is NOT the same pattern that has been published the last few years.  I started out, following the pattern for this year's "Simple Medallion Coaster" by Kendera Goodnow and also for the "Sand Dollar Coaster" by Sandy (from a previous year's Handy Hands catalog).  I could not get either of these patterns to lay flat, so I started over and left out one repeat on each pattern  This allowed both motifs to lay flat.  My aunt's favorite color is green--so these are done in DMC 5, colors #319 (solid) and #4045(variegated).

one of each
I'm not sure how "clever" an idea this is...
I wanted four coasters.  I did two of each coaster design in each of the two DMC colors.  Then I sewed a large coaster motif from (color A) onto the side #1 and a small motif from (Color B) onto side #2.  This way, by flipping the coasters--you can have: 1) a set of solid motifs [2 large, 2 small], 2) a set of variegated motifs [2 large, 2 small] 3) a set of large motifs [2 solid, 2 variegated] or a set of small motifs {2 solid, 2 variegated]  or....5)  mix and match and have one of each type.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

What Have I Been Busy Doing?

Although I've been tatting - what seems like continuously - I have nothing to show for it!!

Some other things have also filled my days...

Pinterest Original
My grandson's
 A)  I made a garage for my grandson's 6th birthday coming at the end of August.  I saw this great idea on Pinterest.  The original design was found on http://diycozyhome.com/toy-car-storage/
The original used toilet paper rolls.  I discovered that many of his little cars wouldn't fit in these.  I used PVC pipe cut into 3 inch segments.  I also put plaster of paris in the bottom of the box so that it would stand upright.

B) I have a little Bible that I carry in my purse.  For a long time, I had a heavy little plastic bag with a snap that something came packaged in that just fit the Bible...but it tore up early this year.  So I desperately needed a cover--things were getting shoved into my purse and messing up the pages of the Bible.  I planned and planned my pattern for a Bible cover out, using graph paper.  Then I cut my fabric!  It was too small!!!!  It turns out my graph paper was 5 square to the inch, and I figured my measurments at four squares to the inch!  Well, at that point it was either start all over, or work with what I had....so I made it fit!  The outside three snaps went on easey-peasey!  I went through over a dozen snaps (and at least an hour and a half of time) before I got the inside three to stay and have the power to snap and unsnap without popping off!  I hand-sewed the whole thing (I'm not sure if that is an excise for how bad it looks, or a brag--because I think it turned out pretty good!)

C) I saw a youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zguw7ik6NFw which showed how to make little containers out of pop bottle caps--using duck tape.  Well that got me to thinking...I changed it slightly, making an even smaller container that was glued, not taped.  I started to make enough of these to put in the Oklahoma Lacemakers Guild's goodie bags at their Lace Embrace Day on October 3rd in Bartlesville, Oklahoma (all tatters and the public invited!).  Well, the project snowballed and  I've now made over 300 of these and given them to several tatting guilds to use in their goodie bags to hold beads, safety pins, charms etc..

So many things to craft--so little time!