He knows my name!

My life verse: "I will give you the treasures of darkness And hidden riches of secret places, That you may know that I, the Lord, Who call you by your name, Am the God of Israel." (Isaiah 45:3). For me, "the treasures of darkness" has been the medically-treated depression that I have suffered off and on with for years. More than anything else in my life, I think this has made me realize how much my Savior loves me and has deepened my relationship with God. The "hidden riches of secret places" are my wonderful family and this fabulous craft--tatting! I thank God for both!
I think it is awesome that God knows my name! Did you know that He knows yours?

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Palmettos Tat Days Part 4

Okay  here is Palmetto part 4....since 5 and 6 got published during the last few minutes!

After a delicious breakfast that revived my poor brain a little I started my next two-session class--once again by Erin Holloway Moseley.  This one was Phil the Phish and the Phishbowl for Phil.  This was such a unique concept!!!  I love it.

I did change mine a little.  Erin's Phishbowl had the lace edging placed vertically on a 3 1/4 inch glass ornament.  I placed my horizontally thinking it looked more realistically like a fishbowl that way.  I chose to use a 4 inch ornament to give the fish a little more room to peak out under the lace edging.  The plastic ornament change happened after I got home -- I took the ornament to show someone and the glass broke!  I have made many tatted beaded ornaments over the years, and all of them had the tatting and beading as a cover that slipped over the glass ornament, and could be put on another ornament if that one broke.  This phishbowl edging is glued onto the ornamnet--so you really don't want to have to replace it--thus my switch to plastic.  I also removed the picots from one of the lace edgings--they were decorative, and I really thought a "smooth" edge would look nicer.  None of these changes are criticisms of Erin's wonderful pattern in any way--they are just personal preferences!

I loved this ornament so much that it became my Christmas ornament for the grandchildren and nieces and nephews this year!  If I ever get my blog caught up, I may show you the different color combinations that I did.

Sherry Townsend (*)
 A few comments....Sherry Townsend was Erin's helper for each class.  They were both prepared with examples of the class project.  I loved that they were very knowledgeable about where you might come to a "snag" working the pattern.  When that happened they also knew how to explain in easily understood directions how to "fix" what you were working on.  Sherry had a prize for the first person in each class to finish their project--I don't know who won them, but whoever you are--I'm jealous!

I have an undiagnosed sleeping disorder--not narcolepsy (if you have narcolepsy, you sleep all night and then drop off during the day) but falling asleep during the day caused by sleep deprivation.  The dr's have not been able to get me to sleep a "full" night's sleep.  Knowing I was going to be in Erin's class for 4 sessions, I told Sherry and her what might happen.  I am so glad I did--the only time that I fell asleep during a class was in the last session with Erin and Sherry kindly woke me up.  I have fallen asleep many times in public-and missed the event that I wanted to attend because the people around me (also kindly) thought "I needed the sleep" and as a result did not wake me.

Last comment about these two classes--"Phil" is Erin's brother!  I wonder he thinks it is a good or bad thing to have a tatted fish named after you?

My Silent Auction "
Melissa Deputy
Right before lunch, the Silent Auction closed.  One of the fun things about the Palmettos is the silent auction!  There is all of this--"eye candy" of wonderful things that are put out to bid on.  There are antiques linens and old needlework magazines, wonderful tatting books-current and out of print, tatting tools and thread, and then the things that are not craft related--home decorations, etc.  More stuff is donated right up to the close of the auction...so wandering through the Silent Auction room to see what was new to look at was a favorite thing of mine to do during breaks in the schedule.  Another neat thing was getting to know Melissa Deputy a little better.  She was "in charge" of the Silent Auction room, and did a wonderful job!  Melissa is an "internet" friend--I met her through a Christmas exchange.  I finally did place a bid on two books that were "grouped" together.  As I was really watching my money this trip-I almost didn't bid...but I really wanted them so I "gave in.  When the Silent Auction was over, you gave your number (each person bid with a secret number, not their name) to Melissa at one door of the auction room--she told you whether you had won or not--winning numbers got slips of paper to take to the cashier in the vending room.  Once you had paid for your items, you took the slip to the other door of the auction room where someone brought you your "prize."  The silent auction gets all kinds of brownie points from me for their excellent displays and organization at the close of the Silent Auction.

My next and sadly last class at Palmettos was the Daisy Mae Bracelet with Carol Lowe.  Talk about knowing a pattern inside and out--she and her assistant Tina Norman (Tina is her sister-in-law) had many, many examples of the bracelet made with different sizes of thread and a variety of beads!  This was a very easy pattern for me because I have had a lot of experience putting rings in beads and on picots (which is what this pattern used.)  My learning experience in this class was two-fold.   The first was that Carol had on many of her samples, covered the split ring finding or ring that the clasp attached to with thread.  I had never covered a ring--especially a tiny ring with tatting.  That was a real challenge for me particularly doing it neatly.  The other thing was that I really enjoyed observing how Carol instructed and worked with those pupil who had no beading experience and needed help.  She was so patient and friendly, all the time describing and often demonstrating what needed to be done. **I didn't get enough beads in my kit to make a comfortably fitting bracelet and Carol very kindly sent me some more by mail--with a lovely tatted card!--above and beyond what you would expect!!!.

(*) Photos are courtesy of Palmettos Tatting Guild

Next:  Saturday Night's activities.

Palmettos Tat Days Part 5

 Somehow my post Palmetos Tat Days Part 6 got published a few minutes ago...I was working on 5 and 6...so here is 5!

Prize for Survey Drawing
Diane Daiker
One of the very last official activities is awarding the prizes for the Tatting Display items--wow!  awesome, fantastic, beautiful work!!  Then they draw from the surveys that each participant is encouraged to fill out about the conference.  They are looking for evaluations of the classes, and suggestions for future conferences.  This year the prize for the survey draw was a humongous--wondrously filled package put together, I believe by Diane Daiker.  Whoever received this really got a fabulous prize!

                                             Waiting for our numbers to be called                                                                                                  Clockwise from 7:00: Cynthia, Me, Stephanie (winner of my blog giveaway, Erin and Sharon
boomerang houseshoes (*)
My keeper "White Elephant"
 After supper, there was a "White Elephant Game"--you know the game people play at Christmas sometimes called "Dirty Santa" or something similar.  Everyone gets a number, when your number comes up you may choose to open an unopened package or pick something someone else has already opened.  Once a gift is picked three times, the last person to pick it gets to keep it.  This was a blast!  I had never played it with so many players--that really makes it fun!  The variety of gifts was amazing.  Once again, there was a gift that boomerangs and revisits Palmettos--only I understand this year the person who got them really wanted them!  One of the really cool things that happened was Victoria and Jerry, the children of vendor, Jennifer from Tatting Corner teamed up and managed to keep a wooden handmade candy dispenser.  Victoria was really afraid to play the game initially--she was afraid no one would "steal" a gift from her because she was a child..  I am so glad she decided to play--the siblings victory in the game is one of the stories I will remember from this year!  My keeper gift was a pair of Mary Engelbreit pens.
Jerry (*)
Victoria (*)

Coming post:  A Few Rambling Memories of Palmettos


Palmettos Tat Days Part 6


Palmettos has a "Give-Away Table" full of things others wish to "gift" to others.  I picked up these three plastic containers.  They are just perfect for holding patterns or pieces of patterns that I have made permanent and portable by covering them with Scotch Photo Laminating Sheets.wish(I like the 3 in. x 4 in. size).

Marie Smith had a class on Thursday night (that we missed) where they made her "Everybody Needs an Angel" pattern.  It is my understanding that most of the people in the class made multiple angels and donated the extras to Marie--who gives these away.  I was in a class, later in the conference with Marie.  She gave me this little precious angel decorated with a charm to commemorate the event.

Someone had the nifty idea to provide stickers to hang from our nametags.  It was so neat to see the
different descriptions that people had picked for themselves!  I didn't find the stickers until late on Saturday--so never did attach mine to my nametag--but these are what I picked for myself.

Kathy Hodge
I met Kathy Hodge through the internet after I attended Palmettos Tat Days in 2011.  She encouraged me to return to Palmettos for the next few years, but I was unable to "make it work".  She also has been an important email and prayer partner for me over the last few years.  It was SO exciting to meet her in person--putting a face on all those emails!  Kathy welcomed me to Palmettos with a gift bag that she had put together.  The water bottle holder has been so handy, however--it was the small notebook that came in especially handy while at Palmettos!  Thank you again, Kathy!

JB Locke
motif tatted by JB Locke

 I got into a gift exchange several- several years ago....I'm not sure for what occasion or theme.  I just know that whoever got my submission got gypped--I had no idea what I was doing....    Anyway, JB Locke received my name--and I got lovely things from her.  One of the many items was this tatted motif.  I contacted her, wondering where the lovely pattern came from--her reply was my introduction to the fantastic patterns by Mary Konior.  I about dropped my teeth when introductions were made in one of my classes, and this lady with the hugest smile said she was JB Locke!  How nice to put a face on a memory!

If you think the Palmettos Tat Days is just an event for little old ladies.... remember Jennifer from Tatting Corner?  Her children were tatters and attended classes!  Also, forget the ladies only rule--I saw one or two men tatting and there was a rather large group of men accompanying their wives this year, and it looked like they had a lot of fun!

I could never have attended the conference this year had it not been for the generosity of the
Flowers upon returning home!
PalmettosScholarship Commitee and Fund.  I would like to think everyone who has donated items and money to create this fund.  To find out how you can help with next year's Scholarship drive go to: http://www.bellaonline.com/articles/art302369.asp/zz  My gratitude also goes to Cynthia, my wonderful friend, and someone who drives the entire distance without complaining, which makes the travel part of my trip possible and who puts up with me as a roommate.  Lastly, the understanding and support of my wonderful husband who encourages, supports and aids me in my love of this craft we call tatting.  His love and caring for me is something I can't explain but certainly value.  Knowing I am going home to him makes my the entire trip -- going and returning enjoyable.

I have no idea if or when I will be able to return to Palmettos--but I know I am already wishing I could attend Palmetto Tat Days 2016:  Tatting is Out of This World!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Palmettos Tat Days Part 3

Friday Night!! 

They should sell tickets just to attend the activities at Palmettos on Friday night and Saturday night!  

Banquet:-Near left--me, Near right-Cynthia, beside Cynthia-Erin (*)
Banquet Angels
Erin Holloway Moseley and her "corsage"(*)

THE BANQUET--once again served in the lovely conference room--but this time with lovely tablecloths, fancier dishes and glassware and other than the "buffet-fill your plates", there is a very accommodating waitstaff that is serving coffee, filling glasses and bringing desert.  Besides our banquet program, also on the each table was a lovely "tree" decorated with tatted angels, little angels made from beads, a stamped angel on a card and metal paper clips and a craft stick with clothespin.  The craft-stick thing makes a wonderful little recipe holder, third hand when tatting and an extra hand when putting on difficult bracelets.  Those are what I have used mine for, I'm sure other people have been creative enough to come up with other uses.  During the program, teachers are recognized (Each received a shuttle inside a Shuttle Bud corsage.  They also, attempt to acknowledge everyone who helped make the conference a success.  This year they drew for some of the many "tatting packages" that had been donated to help with the scholarship fund.  The banquet really makes you aware of all the work that goes in to this event.

Georgia and Richard Seitz (*)
Monica Braxton and the poncho (*)
The auctioneer is Georgia Seitz.  Georgia, who has battled severe health problems this last year, was at the conference in a wheelchair--pushed by her loving husband Richard.  For the auction, though--Georgia had to be on her feet!  I'm not sure where the energy comes from, but Georgia sparkles as she auctions off the wonderful items that have been brought.  She literally pulls bids out of people as she is determined to build, build, build the Palmettos Scholarship Fund!  There was one item that no one really wanted...and apparently it is like a boomerang--it comes back!  That is the "poncho"--a clothing item, that several people have added to over the years--each person contributing something that adds to the "cheesy-kitchy" value of the poncho.  The poncho is usually hidden inside of something else-- so you truly get a surprise..  This year Monica Braxton "won" the poncho by putting in the winning bid on a lovely bedspread and pillow shams...What will she do to it?  How will be disguised for next year's auction?  I absolutely love to watch the bidding on some of these items!  People are so nice--until you get between them and something they really want--then (be afraid, be very afraid!)

I skipped the Night Owl class after the auction.    When I returned to the hotel room, I discovered the ants had discovered our food!  Cynthia and I ate all our meals in the van, going and coming.  We both have foods we avoid, and eating "out of an ice chest" is fast, and  cheap.  Well....when Cynthia got back to the room, we loaded up the food, and some other things that we had unpacked the night before but really didn't need and took them to the van.  Here starts a short but memorable story from Palmettos.  My van has "issues"--one of them being locked and unlocked doors and windows.  We were opening and closing door after door and one window after another on the van trying to get the stuff off the little luggage cart and back into the van in areas of "we won't need this" and "we need to be able to reach this" and "we might need this here at the conference.". The next morning, (Sorry, I can't remember who!) one of the ladies insisted on knowing who was out in the parking lot late at night.  She had gotten out of bed to use the restroom---saw someone in the parking lot and at first thought some of the tatters were for some reason leaving!  Then she thought someone was stealing a car (and she was going to get the license plate!)....then she just wanted to know why they kept opening and closing the doors----Glued to her window, watching--all the while she had an increasing need to use the restroom! 

Karey Solomon (*)
That night, I had trouble sleeping (what is new?  I get 3-5 hours of sleep a night at home....)   Well, around 2a.m. I got up and took my shower, and was down in the lobby by 3a.m.  I got some great tatting time in during the next few quiet hours....   I was ready for Karey Solomon's Early Bird Class at 6:30 - me and my now fried brain!  Poor Karey...I've been tatting for 30+ years--and all of a sudden I couldn't read her patterns or anyone else's.  I didn't understand all of a sudden whether or not the ds that makes the picot needed to be notated in the pattern or not.  Karey explained and explained--and my poor brain was just mush--it would not hold one new (or old for that matter) thought!  Karey ought to get a prize for her design--a really neat, fluffy sheep.  I must confess--I did not finish this project.  For some reason, I am just not into sheep-fluffy or otherwise. 

Photos with (*) are used courtesy the Palmettos Tatting Guild

Next blog post--Saturday's classes!

Short announcement!!!
  Karey must not have been THAT frustrated with me! 
 I am teaching my first conference class at the
 Finger Lakes Tatting Conference in April
Registrations are open NOW at http://www.fingerlakestatting.com/

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Palmettos Tat Days Part 2

Did you ever get so far behind, that you just want to "chuck it all"?  

I am determined to finish my memories of Tat Days 2015, before they all fade!

I left off "Part 1" saying that I needed to go to bed Thursday night because the next day was the 6:30 early bird class--my memory has faded already--the early bird class was Saturday morning.  Instead Friday started with breakfast in the lovely dining room at the conference center.  I had written and explained that I had foods I really needed to avoid and they had contacted me back and said that they would make every effort to make sure that I had something available each meal.  I got to breakfast a few minutes early, and met with the manager of the kitchen.  We went over the day's menu and talked about what I could and couldn't eat.  This was the procedure every morning.  Anytime we discovered during our menu review that there was not enough variety -- or enough food that I could eat at a meal, the kitchen staff would always had a little side dish ready and waiting for me for that meal.  How accommodating and nice.that I didn't have to worry about food issues while I was there!

 The day started with a 9:00 class taught to everyone by Vicki Clarke.  She used power point to explain different pattern notations, and how to read them.  She closed her very informative class with this bit of humor that she has allowed me to share with you running along the left side of my blog.  Vicki is a wonderful teacher--and I highly recommend her tatting classes.  She has a blog -- Victats.blogspot.com   She also is a tatting designer--there are a several patterns available on her blog, and she has published at least two tatting books.

My next class was Nellie's Angel taught by Martha Ess.  Martha is another fantastic teacher!  She is very knowledgeable about tatting as a craft and its history.  Martha took an motif, designed by Nellie Hall Youngburg (Forty Original Designs in Tatting) and adapted it into an angel.  During class she discussed the process of changing one pattern into another pattern.angel.  Martha is the author of quite a few tatting books.  Her blog http://marthas-tatting-blog.blogspot.com/ also has many tatting patterns available on it, several of which use some very interesting techniques.

My "Nellie's Angel" is made out of Lizbeth, size 20, color# 611--Gold.

Erin Holloway Moseley
After lunch, I had a two-part class--Erin Holloway Moseley's Lacy Lucy Corticelli Angel.  This was an angel which Erin adapted from a medallion done by Nellie Ellison (Corticelli Lessons in Tatting).  Erin created this angel in memory of the late Terry McGuffin.  Erin designed this angel to be done in size 80 thread.  I just can't work with thread that size!  a) I can not see my knots, how many there are, or how to undo them.  b) I snap this thread like it is dry spaghetti!  I very rarely get a ring completely closed withou breaking it, when I decide -- "Hey, let's give that size 80 a try again!"  Erin, very graciously allowed  me to do the ornament in size 20.  I did have to change the beads that formed the foundation for the angel.  My angel is done in Lizbeth, #170-Pineapple Parfait.  Erin is a fun teacher to have.  She tells very entertaining stories and makes sure every student in her class gets personal attention.  

 Part III:  Friday Evening's Antics!  Coming Soon
Me, In Erin's class -- ready to work! *these two photos courtesy of the Palmetto Tatting Guild