He knows my name!

My life verse: "I will give you the treasures of darkness And hidden riches of secret places, That you may know that I, the Lord, Who call you by your name, Am the God of Israel." (Isaiah 45:3). For me, "the treasures of darkness" has been the medically-treated depression that I have suffered off and on with for years. More than anything else in my life, I think this has made me realize how much my Savior loves me and has deepened my relationship with God. The "hidden riches of secret places" are my wonderful family and this fabulous craft--tatting! I thank God for both!
I think it is awesome that God knows my name! Did you know that He knows yours?

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

TIAS 2015

What is a TIAS?  It is short for Tat It and See... the brainchild of Jane Eborall.  For the last several years, she has developed a pattern, chopped it into little bits, and delivered them via a website, one bite every few days to tatters around the world.  The tatters send pictures of their work in progress, sometimes along with their guess as to what-in-the-world they are tatting!  This year's was really fun!  I didn't stay caught up each day, and often had to play catch up....Here are the photos that I sent Jane.

Day 1
Day 1 Guess

Day 3
Day 3 Guess

Day 5

Day 7
Day 7 Guess

Day 8
Day 8 Guess

Day 12
Day 13--tatting finished

Day 13 - blocked

My message to Jane on the last day (along with my thanks for a fun TIAS!)

You are so SHARP to come up with a such a CUTTING EDGE pattern!!  I can HANDLE your directions, they come straight to the POINT! 

Now a short health update:  Late December, the doctor I was seeing, told me all my problems were in my head and he was sending me to a psychiatrist.  I found a new doctor.  This doctor immediately upped my thyroid medication, put me on sleeping pills (They have given me 5 hours of sleep on most nights instead of the average of 3 hours a night last year) and diagnosed me with fibromyalgia.  Having a diagnosis has changed my life in so many ways!  I'm trying my best to follow a recommended diet for fibromyalgia patients -- which almost immediately lessened my symptoms.  Just knowing what I have, and finding on the internet how others are dealing with this illness has helped tremendously.  On the migraine fighting front--I've been prescribed a Cefaly device that should be delivered at the end of this week.  If it works as good for me as the reviews and testimonials (I looked for and found very few bad reviews) it may be the answer to my daily headaches and chronic migraines.  Thank you to everyone who left/sent emails saying that they were praying for me--I know God answers prayers-for His good, His glory and in His time.