He knows my name!

My life verse: "I will give you the treasures of darkness And hidden riches of secret places, That you may know that I, the Lord, Who call you by your name, Am the God of Israel." (Isaiah 45:3). For me, "the treasures of darkness" has been the medically-treated depression that I have suffered off and on with for years. More than anything else in my life, I think this has made me realize how much my Savior loves me and has deepened my relationship with God. The "hidden riches of secret places" are my wonderful family and this fabulous craft--tatting! I thank God for both!
I think it is awesome that God knows my name! Did you know that He knows yours?

Monday, May 23, 2016

Finger Lakes 2016 - Part 2

 How can a conference be different each year, and yet so much the same that it is comforting?  Registration was just like in the past years....Audrey checked us in, and gave us our nametags and goodie bags.  The goodie bags were made again this year by Sheila Boniface.  How she comes up with a different bag design each year is a wonder!  This year's bag has pockets all around the outside. Along with the bag we were allowed to choose a pouch.  This lovely pouch is just right for holding a pair of shuttles, or scissors.

Inside the bag was a group of baggies sewed together at the bottom with a strip of fabric (what a fantastic way to separate and organize).  In these was our challenge item for next year's "Everythings Coming Up Roses" theme--mine was a unhemmed, hanky-size piece of fabric with roses on it--What can I do with this that is creative and unusual for next year?   There was a lovely teddybear bead on a tatted motif. There was an empty plastic Easter egg (I had never thought of using them for storing things--neat idea!) with ponytail bands and tiny flip flops.  I had a beautiful crocheted coaster.  One of my pop bottle lid containers and a vinyl bag.  Wow.....such goodies!

The lovely gifts didn't end there!  I was a teacher this year!!  Sheila outdid herself, making lovely fabric boxes!!  Mine has a lot of purple in it, and I think the little paisley shapes look a lot like shuttles!  Then we got a fantastic journal (I think my picture looks a little "fierce" for a "teddy" bear--but....has anyone seen a picture of Teddy Roosevelt's bear that inspired the whole "teddy bear" idea?  He looks pretty "fierce"--so maybe mine is more "teddy bearish" than if he was cuddly!...Oh, I am rambling...)  We also got a lovely pair (look for the yellow handles in the picture) of scissors!  Just right for cutting out illustrations to add to your journaling!

One of the things that I just adore about the conference is the raffle and auction!  I like to buy my budgeted tickets, and go around and look at the sacks--then add my tickets to a sack that just has a few tickets inside.  That increases my ratio/chances of winning something!  This year I won this neat basket.  Inside were some needlepoint and cross-stitch kits, and a pattern for an outfit (unfortunately not my size!)  I was also gifted another basket by someone who won one, but only wanted the contents.  To bring back a phrase from jr. high-- "Neat-o frito, bandito!"

Once again this year, Karey Solomon prepared meals just for me--making sure that there was nothing in the food that might cause a fibromyalgia flare or migraine attack.  With everything she has "on her plate" at the conference--I just feel that this is definitely above and beyond.  I can't thank her enough! 

Oh, I love looking at the vendor's items!  Kathy Kirchner was there again this year (she always has such a wonderful assortment of everything from shuttles to thread to books!).  Marilee Rockley had some of her vibrant hand-dyed thread thread and books.  Monica Braxton had her shuttles and lovely hand-dyed thread (her threads, I think are more " softer pastels").  Sharon Fawns had a yarn swift and ball winder, and for a very nominal and reasonable fee, would wind your newly-bought hand-dyed thread for you so that it was immediately usable. Karey Solomon's tables are always fun to explore! (She also carries a wide variety of items--used in a wide variety of crafts!)

Thank you to everyone who makes this conference--different, and the same!!
Next post--Classes and Confessions!

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