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My life verse: "I will give you the treasures of darkness And hidden riches of secret places, That you may know that I, the Lord, Who call you by your name, Am the God of Israel." (Isaiah 45:3). For me, "the treasures of darkness" has been the medically-treated depression that I have suffered off and on with for years. More than anything else in my life, I think this has made me realize how much my Savior loves me and has deepened my relationship with God. The "hidden riches of secret places" are my wonderful family and this fabulous craft--tatting! I thank God for both!
I think it is awesome that God knows my name! Did you know that He knows yours?

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Part 2 Finger Lakes Memories 2017

The Finger Lakes Tatting Conference was waaay baack in April--and it is July!  Let's finish this!

A health update is depressing...more pneumonia, no real weight loss (except during a really bad stomach virus--I don't recommend this if you are looking to slim down!).... However, one great thing--my pain management doctor "released" me back to the care of my other doctors!  Considering that I was once very dependent upon pain pills to make my chronic migraines easier to live with--but now have gone over a year without having to have my pain meds refilled--this is a miracle.  The loss of specialist fees, and required expensive drug tests will be a blessing on our medical bill-laden budget.

I took two classes at Finger Lakes.  One was Karey Solomon's "Rose in Bloom."  This was a Catherine wheel rose, that had a lot of picots.  The picots laid on top of each other, giving the rose a lot of dimension.  The leaves stretched out and attached to a ring.  The project, is unfortunately laying in my UFO box.

The other class, was Kaye Judt's "Daffodil Pinch Pot".  I have no idea why it was called a "pinch pot"--but this little project is going to be adorable!  It actually looks like a little daffodil flower--and the bottom is attached to a metal washer which gives it enough weight to sit where you put it.  I am looking forward to pulling this out of the UFO drawer and finish it!

Two other projects from this year have joined the UFO drawer.  Every year, Vicki Clarke creates a small project kit that she sells (usually $1 each).  The proceeds from these kits go to the scholarship fund.  This year Karey Solomon also created a kit.  Karey's was a snowflake with a glass disk in the center.  Vicki's was a Rosebud Snowflake done in pinks and greens with a jewel in the center.  Both of these are adorable and will only take a little time to finish.  ----I have so much trouble tatting these days, I am either awake and unfocused or sleepy and making mistakes.  I do pray this is only a "phase" in my life and "normal" may return to me in the future.

One of the absolutely delightful things that I will remember always happened away from, and after the conference.  Sunday night, Cynthia and I were inventorying the contents of the ice chest, when Helen and Karla came into the "Upstairs Inn".  We all decided to "pool" our selection of foods and had a nice supper together.  After the food was put away, out came the tatting!  We proceeded to tat, listen to Jeanne Robertson (a favorite, hilarious, lady comedienne on YouTube) and talk until around midnight!  The tatting was so wonderful as we shared different techniques with each other and just enjoyed the time to "kick back".  

The next morning, I was doing a nice job of listing my aches and pains--when Karla offered me a foot massage!!!  OOhhh--how generous!!  OOHHH how fantabulous!! I cannot tell you how absolutely relaxing it was--I actually went BACK TO BED!  I am almost always "patting my foot" waiting on Cynthia to get ready in the mornings...this morning things were certainly reversed! Cynthia not only let me take a nice nap, but woke me (and rewoke me), then had to almost "talk me through" getting ready, packed and out the door!

We found the cheese!  In trying to repack everything into the car, we found the extra-sharp cheddar cheese that we had bought to eat with the apples!

We had stayed in New York an extra night so that we could go to Karey's.  Karey made this bighearted offer last year, that anyone left in New York on Monday could come hang-out at her Graceful Arts Fiber Studio -- she made the same offer this year.  (You know after the conference was over, she was just exhausted!)  Cynthia and I decided last year that if it was at all possible, we would stay the extra night.  Because the group rates we received at the "Upstairs Inn", were so much less than the hotel bills from previous years, we were able to put Monday morning at Karey's on our itinerary.  We were so excited to get to spend a few hours of more "kick back" tatting.  I don't know if anyone else had visited Karey that Monday, but by the time we got there...it was Karey, Kathy (another fantastic conference organizer), Cynthia and I.  We did enjoy a lovely time....until I did it again.   The four of us were talking around the big wooden table in Karey's backroom, I laid my tatting on the table in front of me and cradled what I believe was a hand-thrown pottery cup of wonderful tea in my hand, enjoying the warmth of the cup in my hands as well as the liquid heating my insides....and....I went to sleep.  Not quietly--the cup slipped from my hands, making a small explosion as it shattered on the floor.  Cynthia, who was sitting next to me, was drenched from the waist down on her right side--to the point that her shoe squished when she walked.  My skirt was wet to the point where it was very uncomfortable because it made the wet fabric cling to my legs.  Let me say once again, Karey, "I am so sorry about your cup!"  Cynthia and I made our exit not long after that, as we were supposed to take her in-laws in Ohio out to eat that night as a thank you for hosting us.

Oh! Cynthia--I do so appreciate the fact that you drive all the way to New York and back!  That Monday, Cynthia was having "fits" with her contacts. Multiple times, she pulled off the highway to put drops in her eyes, or to take a contact out-rinse it off and reinsert it.  Hours after we started, we suddenly realized that we were approaching the Finger Lakes area of New York and not the opposite state line!  Somewhere, on one of the mini-detours, we had gotten back onto the highway the wrong way!  (I think what really happened is that Cynthia's car just "automatically goes to Finger Lakes" like my car used to be trained to "go to Walmart and Hobby Lobby"!)  Amazingly, this was actually the first navigational error of any consequence that Cynthia and I have had during our years of traveling together.

It was late afternoon--and we were both exhausted.  We found a little convenience-grocery store.  We "used the facilities" and walked around a few minutes (very few, we were anxious to get on the road.).  The one "fun" memory was that I bought a box of "Outshine" Lime popsicles.  If you haven't tried this brand--they are great...low calorie and fruit based (the peach and the coconut/pineapple are my favorites).  We ate all 6 of the popsicles!  Needless to say...we didn't get to Ohio in time to treat Cyn's in-laws to dinner...instead we apologized over and over for finally arriving close to midnight.  Her brother&sister-in-law are so sweet!  I really do appreciate their hospitality!

The next day, we lazily drove to Lisa Adam's (Tatting Corner) as I've discussed in the previous two posts.  Afterwards, we were able to make it to a little hotel in Greenup, Illinois where we have stayed before.  The next morning, we were blessed to get to spend a little time with Georgia Seitz and her husband, Richard.   We joined them for breakfast at an IHOP Express that was in at a newly-built truck stop.  I had never been to an IHOP Express before--it was amazing how varied their menu was.  (I am so intrigued by the little mini-restaurants of all types that are in truck stops and convenience stores!)  Georgia and Richard surprised us by picking up the tab!  (Thank you again!)

Wednesday was a long day on the road---we finally made it to my home in Oklahoma.  I tried to convince Cynthia to spend the night, but she stopped at my house long enough for us to unload my things and then she hit the road for another two hours so she could "be home" as well.

I did SO ENJOY this trip!  I want to express my appreciation to everyone who made the trip possible.  First and foremost, my dear friend Cynthia.  I know we drive each other crazy--Thank you that you remain my dear friend!  To Karey -- and to ALL those who make the conference so wonderful--you do an amazing job every year!  I must once again, mention Neil and my gratitude for the fantastic crock-pot chicken creation that so deliciously met my dietary needs.  To Karla and Helen who gave me an unexpected happy memory--I do so hope I get to spend time with you again!   I haven't yet mentioned my kids.  My oldest son and daughter-in-law, the three grand-boys and my youngest son gave me an extraordinary Christmas gift this last year--enough cash to pay for a large part of this trip!  Last, to my dear husband--I am so glad that you love me, support and take care of me!

I will post the pattern for the project that I taught this year (a name-tag that you can put on a zipper-pull or a scissor fob, etc) as Part 3 Finger Lakes 2017 in a few days (hopefully!).

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